2017 Road Trip: Scenic Pictures

There was a time when the most important conversations with my husband took place on road trips. This road trip gave me the needed peace to be once again with my husband in spirit guiding me. The mountains and rushing water helped me to remember the times that we so much enjoyed  traveling around in the USA. I thank him for his guidance and keeping me safe. I could hear him whispering in my ear. “Slow down. You are driving to fast.” I could hear him laughing at me when I got lost. He will always be there in the passenger seat wherever I go!

This summer my cocker spaniel, Chloe, and I set out on a 13 day road trip. Five thousand miles and 5 states was the total trip.

There are so many parks, mountains, waterfalls, and forests dotting the the United States. These are the seven that I photographed along the way. The beauty of the USA is sometimes overlooked. People fly all over the world to look for beautiful places. We have plenty of them in our own backyard.

Day 1

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National park is located 245 miles from Sacramento, California. Early morning is the best time to appreciate the beauty without the crowds. The tall redwoods stand higher than skyscrapers and the smell of the redwoods reaches far into the woods. People take pictures of the redwoods and touch their noses to the trees in order to take in the sweet smell.

Day 2

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is still considered an active volcano. It’s elevation is 14,179 ft (4321.8 m). It is located at the end of the Cascade Mountain Range. There are seven known glaciers on Mt Shasta. Daredevil skiers and hikers try to climb Mt. Shasta. Three out of ten climbers usually make it to their goal. It is a treacherous climb and many climbers have died in the past. I was able to stand at the bottom and look up.

Day 3

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is located about 60 miles from Medford Oregon. The water in this lake is so blue it looks like someone painted it. The lake was formed around 7,700 years ago. The lake is the result of the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. Crater Lake is 1,949 ft. deep and is the deepest in the United States.  The day was cold and the ground was covered with snow.

Day 4

Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is a beach town. It was a cloudy,rainy,and cold day to be at the beach. I have always wanted to travel down the coast of Oregon and take pictures. Unfortunately, the weather was not providing me with any sunset or sunrise pictures. This is a rainy day picture of the beach. The water was very cold and had a grayish tint. It wasn’t blue.

Day 6

Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor is located about 40 minutes outside of Bend, Oregon. It is a very popular place to ski in the winter. There were hikers and skiers using the slopes on the day I was taking pictures. The ski lifts were not operating. The skiers had to carry their equipment up the mountain and then ski down. It was a lot of work. Mt. Bachelor is an inactive volcano. The last time it errupted was 1000 years ago. The mountain is surrounded by endless forests. It is a great location for hiking and pickniking. I didn’t see many campers.

The Cascade Mountain Range

There were not enough places to stop and take photos along the roadside.

Day 7

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is a 97 ft waterfall located outside of Bend, Oregon. It is located in the Deschutes (Deshoots) National Forest. We parked in the parking lot. The parking lot is very small and it is much easier to find a space early in the morning. We arrived in the early afternoon and had to do some manuevering to get a space. We walked 1/4 of a mile to reach the top of the falls. The waterfall made an incredible rushing sound. My partner Chloe (cocker spaniel) was spooked by the noise.

Day 13

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is located outside of Las Vegas in Boulder City, Nevada. It is the largest reservoir in the United States for water capacity. Lake Mead provides water for 20 million people in Arizona, California, and Nevada. It is very hot in the Summer. People bring their pleasure boats and soak up the sun in the Summer. Hiking, biking, and walking are better done in the Winter, Spring, and Fall seasons. The sunsets are really incredible.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

















Author: Carol Kubota

I have been an ESL, English as a Second Language, instructor for 40 years. I currently teach at Arizona State University. My passion is to travel and learn about other cultures and history. I would like to share this passion with others.

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