An Ode to Coffee

Two weeks ago I participated in the Iowa Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. I wrote this poem as a homework assignment. I am not a poet and always thought that poems had to rhyme. I learned that modern day poems don’t. This is the first poem I have written since sixth grade.


The Iowa River flows by.

It has gained some water from the storms last night

There is a wind today, which feels cool upon my face

There are a variety of trees. Maple and a few Pines

The trees have much bigger leaves and a lot fuller than the ones in Phoenix

Green places indicate cold and snow in the winter months

It is becoming cloudy

The day is dreary

Condensation has accumulated on the windows in my room

Can’t wipe the windows

The condensation is outside

Can’t see the river

Makes me sad

Off to the coffee shop


The humidity is beginning to set in

Sweat forms on the top of my head

Trickles down my face and neck

The air blows but not frequently

Mostly cloudy with a chance of sunshine

The sky is white, grey

Not blue as it is in Phoenix

A slight cool breeze sweeps across my face

Maybe it will get cooler

Drink more coffee


The windows begin to shake

The thunder cracks

Lighting flashes but not visible in the day

Tornado Siren sounds

Warning on cell phone

“Take cover immediately. Tornado spotted nearby”

What do I do?

Go to the basement!

Hide in the bathtub?

Drink more coffee


Rain, thunder, lighting, repeat

The rain beats against the windows

The sun hides behind the clouds

The clouds have passed

The sun is visible

Beautiful sunset is possible

Bright orange and yellow colors glow in the sky

A storm turns into a good ending


Rivers and lakes fill with water

Trees grow taller

Flowers bloom everywhere

Farmers grow crops

People have food

Time for coffee.

Carol Kubota















Author: Carol Kubota

I have been an ESL, English as a Second Language, instructor for 40 years. I currently teach at Arizona State University. My passion is to travel and learn about other cultures and history. I would like to share this passion with others.

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