Get Lost

“Get lost” is what people say when they don’t want you around. Getting lost is not such a bad thing if you know where you are going.

A friend from out of town asked me to take her to Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a hiker’s dream. There are so many beautiful sights to admire and take in at a very slow pace. One of my most favorite places to hike is the Bell Rock , Courthouse trail. It is very easy and is more like a long walk than a strenuous hike. The problem is that some of the paths are not marked very well and many people, or maybe it is only me, get lost. We lost our path and soon found ourselves returning to some of the markers ( a heap of rocks contained with wire) and starting over again. We continued to follow the path and thought we were beginning to reach the end. We could see the parking lot off to the distance and even spotted my vehicle. That made us smile, but not for long. We continued walking and meeting people along the path. We inquired about the parking lot and they said “It’s up ahead”. Our feet were beginning to burn and our hopes were not too high. We finally reached the parking lot, but it was not our parking lot. We sat down and took off our shoes and socks. My friend decided to look around for someone who might offer us a ride to the correct parking lot. I am the shy one so she decided to take the initiative and approach some parked cars. She approached a young man in a pickup truck with a very small back seat. She explained her story and he agreed with some hesitation to take us to the right parking lot which was about a mile away. She is much smaller than I, so she sat in the back. We asked him a lot of questions about his life because both my friend and I are teachers and that is what teachers do. He was great and we found out a lot about him. We thanked him and offered him some cash, but he refused. We were so happy to see our car. We were lost , but were lucky to be found. What is life without an adventure?