Personal Stories

“Kalamazoo” was originally a Native American name although its exact origin hasn’t been pinpointed. Some say it means “the mirage of reflecting river,” while others say it means “bubbling or boiling water”. According to the census of 2010, Kalamazoo had a population of 75,548. In 2012 that number went down two people  because my husband and I left Kalamazoo to live in Arizona. Kalamazoo (I love saying that name.) is centrally located between Chicago and Detroit. My family spent 10 years in Battle Creek, home of Kellogg the cereal company, and 17 years in Kalamazoo. We decided to move because I never learned how to drive in snowstorms or on “black ice”. While living in both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, I taught at Western Michigan University and owned a language school, Battle Creek Language and Culture Center.  I have always enjoyed being surrounded by our Japanese friends who kept both my husband and I on our toes. We entertained them in our home, taught them English, and transported them to Chicago for trips to the Japanese supermarket MITSUWA.  If Kalamazoo had mountains and it never got below 60 in the Winter, we would probably still be there. Our Japanese friends came and left within five years because that is how long the contracts lasted. The families who moved back to Japan were replaced by new families. On the other hand, my American friends continued to live in Kalamazoo. These are my true friends and they will never be forgotten. I was lucky enough to get some time off and go back to Michigan to visit them. They are the greatest. We spent time making fires in the backyard fire pit, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed eating sticky s’mores. I was lucky because it only rained once. My friends are great and we will always stick together like chocolate and marshmallows between to graham crackers.

indexThese are two of the newest restaurants in Kalamazoo with good reviews.

#1 Blaze Pizza-

Do you like to design the pizza the way you want it? Do you hate olives and mushrooms and don’t want them anywhere on your pizza? Go to Blaze Pizza! The customer tells them how to make the pizza. It reminds me of subway. The pizza was great and took only 15 minutes to cook in a blazing hot oven.


#2 Texas Corner Brewery-

They have a wide variety of farm-to-table food. It looks like a church and was once a school. The food was good, but since the ingredients are local there are some foods that are not available because they run out. Beer seems to be the draw to this restaurant. There is plenty of that. Kalamazoo is home to Bell’s beer which is very popular.  I am not much of a beer drinker, so take a look at their menu. You might be surprised!