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Six Ways to Celebrate the Feast of The Three Kings

Christmas is over. You undressed your tree by taking off the ornaments and strings of lights and placing them in their designated plastic containers labeled “Christmas decorations.” You took your tree and put it in a “tree bag” or box and taped the box shut. You stored everything either in the basement or attic for another year.

You take baby Jesus out of his bed, wrap him in bubble wrap, and put him in a box. Wait. Take him out of the box and put him back in his crib where he lays with Mary and Joseph next to him. Christmas is not over.

January 6, twelve days after Christmas, is the feast of the Three Kings and The Feast of Epiphany. It took the wise men twelve days to find Jesus in his stable in Bethlehem. Christians celebrate this day to remember both the visit of the Wise Men and Jesus’s Baptism.

The feast is not a celebrated holiday in the USA as in other countries. Here are six countries and their celebrations.

6 Ways to celebrate The Feast of the Three Kings

Children in some countries don’t get their gifts from Santa but from the Three Kings.



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