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The Life of a Slurping Turtle

The Slurping Turtle is a ramen restaurant in Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.

I am not a ramen fan, but I couldn’t resist the suggestion by my daughter and her friends to indulge in the seven choices of ramen and seventeen toppings. The spicy miso tonkatsu with chicken, spicy pork miso, buttered corn, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, chili oil caught my eye.

I was in Columbus to attend the graduation ceremony of my daughter which was delayed a year because of COVID. She graduated with her MBA at Ohio University.

Next time you are in Easton, check out this restaurant. I don’t think I will get a second chance.

The Slurping Turtle soaking in the tub with his glass of wine.

The Slurping Turtle going to work

Mrs. Slurping Turtle sitting is a basket of fruit

Sleeping Turtle having a glass of wine on his way home

The Life of a Slurping Turtle
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