The Price House is not open to the public. I am lucky enough to visit because I am a volunteer at TalieseinWest in Scottsdale.

The Price House was built in 1955 and is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his friend Harold Price, Sr. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the HC Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The company owned by Harold Price.  This house was built as a winter home for him and his family. It is referred to as the “grandma house” and designed for the convenience of the grandchildren. A swimming pool, fountains, and a big yard offer a space for the children to play.

The materials are cement block, Philipino mahogany, copper, and brass. The roofing is made of tectum, a fireproof material. All materials are natural and chosen to blend in with the design. The house includes an industrial style kitchen which is very common in Frank Lloyd Wright homes. The kitchen was referred to as a “workspace”.


Front view of the house


Entryway into the home

Frank Llyod Wright designed with the idea of “compress, release”. The hallways are narrow and open up into bigger spaces.


Mahagony window shutters

The mahogany window shutters blend into the natural environment. They are closed and opened to allow the sun to come in or to shut it out. They also help to keep the space cool.


The outdoor fireplace

The outdoor fireplace keeps the space warm in the winter. Red is Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite color. He said that red symbolized integrity.



The living room

The living room has turquoise carpet and upholstery. He got this idea from a turquoise ring owned by his wife Olgavana. The cement block is not painted. FLW designed the built-in furniture. The pillows represent the colors of various plants in Arizona.


Copper lighting over the dining room table

FLW used copper and brass for light fixtures.


Windows in the house

Windows are designed to let in as much natural light as possible during the day time and to expose the outside scenery.

He used piano hinges for closets. He used wide open planning allowing for bigger spaces in areas for socializing. Not many women were happy with the smallness of the bedrooms and closets. He later designed a master bedroom because Mrs. Price was not too happy with her very small bedroom.

Mr. Price sold the house to the Shoen family, the founders of U-Haul. They raised their eleven children in the home. The house is taken care of the Shoen family and their foundation.

This is one of the last homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He was 86 years old.







The Price House


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