Cow at the Rhine Falls, Switzerland
I’m a very shiny brown
Have black chipped horns
And a black nose with a white stripe around it
I sit posed with my legs bent back
I am kneeling I never move
A little boy 5 years old runs up to me and sits down on my back
“Take my picture” he pleads to his parents in Swiss German
His parents take out their camera and snap a couple of pictures
His mother hugs him in the picture
He gets off, and they go on their way
Another little boy approaches with much more vigor.
He climbs all over and ends up on top of my horns
He can’t sit still long enough for the picture
His parents aim the camera while he continues to wiggle around
Not sure what the picture will show
Dogs are barking. They are on vacation too
Not sure what language they are barking in.
A woman in her fifties wearing a midnight blue sweater
Puts her arms around me and her husband snaps a picture
A young woman with a baby sits down pushing the carriage back and forth
Her baby is napping
Her husband snaps a picture and takes a phone callI never get angry
I am very patient
I am frozen in time
I am made of plastic
A girl in a pink shirt sits down
Calls her mom and little sister to sit with her
Her father takes a selfie with his stick
I don’t move
I continue to stare ahead
Why do people crawl all over me?
I am hungry
Why can’t I move
Frozen in time
People heading back to their buses
A Buddhist monk walks by in an orange cloak
He sits on a bench
Children scream
Are they hungry? Tired?
Little girls
Cute poses
I endure
A few feet from me lies a black and white cow
He is being poked by a two-year-old
His mom urges him to take her hand
No, he wants to sit on the cow a little bit longer
He begins to cry
A man with a black turban sits with his son
He also wears a small black headcover
His wife stands by wearing a long white dress and sunglasses
The little boy sits on the horns
He is eating ice cream
Waiting for a ride
“My head hurts,” says the cow
Can you get off my head, please?
His bag hangs on my horns
The bus is ready to leave
His father urges him to board the bus
It will be leaving soon
Two little boys are sliding down my nose
They are hugging me and squeezing my earsThe people board the bus

I now have a few moments to myself  before the next tourists come
A Cow at Rhine Falls


I am a retired ESL teacher. I have a dog that owns me. I travel to learn about a culture. I want to share my stories with you. Come along with me!

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